Bring My Friends Back & My Soul Mate

by B (NJ)

I pray that the friends who abandoned me & turned their backs on me will miss me and find that they were wrong about what they thought about me.

Pray for me please, that the negative person who influenced them to do these things will be found out, or that someone will have their conscience remind them of the kind of person I really am, not a bad one.

Pray that the person that I feel a strong connection for, like a soul mate, will feel the same way, and want to see me again, and not worry what other people will think. I want the life I had with my friends, and I pray that I can share it with this person who I feel will be the love of my life.

I don’t want to be lonely anymore. I ask you to pray that my friends reach out to me, and care about me & miss me & want me in their lives again. I pray that the wrong that was unfairly done to me be righted. Please pray for me.

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