Bring my ex boyfriend back

by Mariella ()

Almighty Father,
I come before Your throne asking You to take complete control of my ruined relationship. I lift my lover in prayer to you, I lift myself, and our relationship to You. Almighty God, You know us both by name and nature. You know the way we’ve come together over the years. Recently I have been becoming eager about marriage, but he said that he doesnt want the same, or to be with me anymore because he lost feelings. God, that hurts me still. I have set my heart upon him and he is the man I want to spend my life with in marriage. Please bring him back to me. I pray that by the moving of Your Holy Spirit and Your mighty hand, he will return to me. Place me as a priority in his heart Lord. Help him to recognise and acknowledge my love for him, and move him to love me too. Ordain it by Your perfect will God and in Your perfect timing. Give us both patience, mercy, understanding and softened hearts towards each other once more. Restore a romance, attraction and connection between us Lord, one that is built on You the solid rock, and that would lead to a happy and prosperous marriage. At this point in time Lord, I ask that You work all things in favor of bringing us back together. Work in him and work in me. Prepare us to be better partners to each other. I claim freedom from every hold of Satan over our lives and over our relationship, and declare victory through Your miracle working power. You are the Lord God Almighty, who created the heavens and the earth and all within.. You blessed us with Your Son Jesus Christ, who turned water to wine, made the lame to walk, and the dead to live. Father no mountain or man is a problem too big for You – You can do anything. You make ways where there seems to be no way, and so Lord I pray that You will please ordain a new romantic relationship between my lost lover and I, that we will in time become husband and wife. I trust in faith that You are already working within us and opening the right doors to bring these things to pass. I thank You for the privilege to come to You in prayer and ask and receive. You say Lord to ask and believe , and we shall be granted our requests. Hear my prayer Lord, accept it on behalf of my lost love and I at this time when I alone am standing to save the relationship. Move in him, open his eyes and his heart and make him to notice me again and love me truly . Thank You for hearing and answering my prayers, in the powerful name of Jesus , I pray, Amen .

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