Bring my daughter back to her family!!!

by Sylvia (Santa Fe, NM)

I please ask for prayer that my daughter come back to her family and leave these negative people in her life now. She lost her boyfriend in a car accident when she was 5 months pregnant with my grandson. She has a lady friend that claims to have a third eye and i feel she is doing harm to my daughter by influencing her. My daughter met her nephew who is not a good person for her or my grandson. He is in prison for selling drugs. She is chosing this man over her family. i don’t understand why!! Please dear Lord, i pray and ask for more prayer to help my daughter see the light and come back to her family!!!!

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  1. The Lord is with her

    I pray that the Lord will look upon her and help to realize that she is doing the wrong thing by the temptation of Satan, I pray that she will come back to your family as a clean and new person. Amen.

  2. to bring your daughter back

    Dont doubt your daughter will not come back let her learn her mistake on her own you keep praying god always listens to your orayres and will answer your prayre dont give up on praying for her god never gives up and you are God’s child which means you should not give up. GOD BLESS🙏

  3. prayer request

    please pray for my husband to be truthfully communicative, to be honestly caring for me our children and grandchildren and daughter in law. keep his brothers and sister from having secretive communication with my husband. keep him from gambling, Help my son to get a good wife and buy a home. keep my son and wife and family bonded, being our daughter to love and forgive and help us and all our children to walk in the divine wisdom of God.Please pray that our grandchildren are protected from evil and harm. Help our family to be united caring and communicative o

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