Bring My baby back home to us

by Lavern ()

Lord protect our baby. Dry his tears and rock him in your arms. Lord bring him home to us. We love him and he has been in our home since he was born. We are all he knows. Lord, I know you are a miracle worker.

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  1. My 20years old son left home

    Please help me pray for my son Lethabo he is now not staying home he just come to bath and change and leave. Everything started when he start drinking, smoking and surrounding himself with wrong friends. We even suspect that he must be doing drugs because of his behavior. He lost respect for me as I mother, his grand mother actually everyone in the family. We want him back no matter what, because we can see he s becoming worse like a street kid when he has a home. He was raised very well, went to private schools but he =just changed out of the blue and even dropped of at school before matric. At times I’m so stressed that I don’t even have energy to pray and keep on asking God to give me the strength. He doesn’t talk to us, even changed his sim card we are unable to even contact him and I pray to God that he can bring him back before it is too late. Thanks in advance

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