Bring me and the love of my life back together, Oh Lord

by Jennilee (Brantford, Ontario)

Hi, me and my boyfriend have been together for 5 years, we are currently giving each other space (on break). We have gone through a lot of things together, please pray that me and him can work through are relationship together, that are relationship gets better & stronger. Please pray that me (JenniLee) and my boyfriend (Martin) find are way back to each other. Thank you for your prayers 🙂

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  1. Bring us back together please

    Dear god
    Please help mina and I sort things out. God i love him to bits and I want to be his girlfriend again but somethings up with him. God please make him realise that I love him ever so deeply and that he realises that he loves me too. I’m getting hurt along the way and I’m fed up of this. God I want his kindness and love back. Please God help me as I have gone through so much already and I am on the edge of giving up.
    Please God I beg for your help – only u can help me. Pls help me as I am so depressed and stressed.
    All I want is for him to be my boyfriend again.
    Please God make him realise that he loves me and I am all he needs. Please God something – I want more attention from him. I’m Fed up of chasing him. I want to be chased , I want to feel loved


  2. Separation

    God will surely do something to restore your relationship I am also going through same situation I can understand the pain.

    God will surely help you.


  3. Please pray for us

    I have lost the woman of my dreams. I lost focus on the now because i focused to heavily on the future. She taught me the lesson of work life balance the day she ended things. I watched all that i worked for walk away. We have been trying to get back together but since the break up her feelings have gone cold and she has become confused. I knew the moment our eyes met she was the one.

    I ask for your prayers that she finds her way and is happy and that she ends up finding me again along the way. I dont think i have ever truly asked for prayers before but i am now. Please pray for Andrea and Brian. Please pray their paths realign and they live a life of love and happiness.

    Im giving it all up to you my Lord. Thank you for my health and family and getting to have her in my life for two great years. I pray your plan brings us together again.

  4. In Agreement

    I’m in the same situation. I pray that our wonderful
    Lord Jesus Christ brings healing and peace into your heart, and restores your relationship with your boyfriend by bringing both of you back into each others arms -that your love heighten to bigger . heights as ONE. Please pray for me and my boyfriend to reconcile. and be reunited as one. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  5. restore love

    I am going through the same thing. I have been with my boyfriend of four years. I ask that the lord restores the relationship between you and your bf. Please pray for me if you can. Thank you.

  6. Peace

    I pray that you sort things out. Such a horrible feeling losing somebody you love. But I hope Jesus helps take away the pain and get both of you on the right track again x

  7. My prayer for you


    I too am going through the same thing and I know you are hurting. I pray that you and Martin are able to work things out and grow closer to God.

  8. need god for everyting: My families and relationship

    Dear heavenly father i come to u has how i am lord plz help my families and relationship to be strong. I hace been through many help me according to ur will

  9. I'm going through the same thing.

    May The Lord bless you and bring light into your life so you can view the situation in his eyes. I pray you’re boyfriend opens his heart and realizes how precious love is and may y’all find peace and happiness together for all your days:)

  10. Seperated

    hi my name is victor my wife candi and I have been separated for 3 months I do not want DIVORCE as I don’t want to please pray for us to be together and live a god filled life please we have two kids and I am praying everyday please I beg of anyone to pray for us

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