Bring love home and together we will worship You

by Shaun (Dallas, TX)

Dear God, I’d like to thank you for helping me find true love.

My girlfriend and I are not together anymore after 5 years due to my lack of emotion, erratic action, and immature ways.

In the 4 months we have been separated, Lord you have brought her back into my life several times.
Lord I ask that you give her light and love to forgive me for my way and to accept me into her heart. To take me back into her life and into her mind. I know my true Love through my tribulation, and pray that my true love is awaken by your spirit. Help her see that our love is infinite and that we are made for each other. God I pray that you enter her life now, so that she may not learn the hard way as I did. Help guide her back to my arms and together we will take refuge in your love. I promise.

In Jesus’ name we pray.

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