Bring Kevin Back to Me

by Debbi (TX)

Please pray with me that Kevin realizes that I am the one he wants in his life permanently. Please let him agree to meet tonight so we can clear the air. Help him to realize that Melissa is not what he wants and help him remember everything we have supported each other through over the last 9 years. Please, please, don’t let Kevin be willing to throw us away. Help him reach out to me wanting to come back and work on rebuilding our relationship. I beg you, please, give me a sign that Kevin is still in love with me and wants to come back. Amen.

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  1. I pray for you

    I hope that whatever happened was the best thing to happen. I am going through something incredibly similar. I have been praying for my love to return to me. He still loves me just as always but I neglected him and he found a friend of mine to fall in love with. Now hes openly in love with both of us but o ly seeing her.. he and I want to get married and have children but he doesnt wsnt yo break her heart or hurt his. I hope and pray that the Lord separates them and sends him home to me. I hope that your situation resolved itself and you’re happy also! I’ll pray for you.

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