Bring Joe back & his conversion

by Mary K (Columbus Ohio)

Please St Joseph, bring Joe back. Let us reconcile with each other & rekindle our love binding it with the Blessed Trinity through Holy Mother the church. Bring us to the foot of the altar to receive Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Bring him to Our Blessed Mother & her Immaculate Heart to accept her as his mother & may the seeds of conversion she planted in him mature & come to full bloom. May Joe receive her Rosary & Scapular so I will know she will lead him safely to eternity when God calls him home. St Joseph, you are his patron saint, stay with Joe & be his great & powerful advocate before the throne of God,. Watch over him & protect him from all danger, harm & evil. St Joseph please hear & answer my prayer. You know what is in my heart. Help me to know you will hear & answer my prayer. I heard Jesus from the tabernacle say ” I will bring him back. ” Please remind Jesus of His promise.