bring him home to see his family again !

by Anne Marie ()

I pray my loved one is fine, he is a soldier at war. So.many questions come to my mind about him. And then I worry about him. Is this relationship gonna last, or is he just using me to bring him home ? I fell in love with him, and he does say it often. But I always question his actions. There is a lot of evil people in the world, and he could be near them. I know he is lonely too. So am i. But I’m so much stronger than him. I am worried about him being faithful to me. And he does have a daughter by someone else. But he doesn’t speak of her often. I don’t think he is ready yet! I think he wants to still be a free man to love a lot of people. Please God show me the way, my heart is hurting. And he doesn’t see it !!!maybe its good he is not here yet. I think, he doesn’t want to see me ever ! Please help me God ! Amen !

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