Bring him back to me

by Sandra (India)

Dear Lord,

I am here seeking help from you. It has been two months by now he has left me. I have always been praying to you and continue till day just to make us one. As the days past he ended our such a long lovely relation when it was nearly time for us to share our life.

Lord, my love for him was unconditional, was always by his side when everyone around him left him, held him walked, with him, never complained nor asked for anything today he just left me without even thinking of me. where shall i go, so its been very difficult to live each day. But just the trust on you make me say another day.

Lord i pray to you, bring down his attitude and his pride, take away his ill temptations, take away all ill advices let your power protect him and my love surround him. Give us a chance to come together in your name.All the promises we made before you i ask you to bless us and let them come true.

Almighty Lord, please here my prayer, always been praying for one wish and it is our love . Let our love be one. my faith keeps me praying to you, let not my faith die Lord. Bless me bless our love, help me reunite my love and also those in the world who are going through the same.

Ask this in the name of Christ Jesus. Amen

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