Bring Danny back to me

by Adrine (Victoria Australia)

Dear Jesus and the universe, I am grateful that you brought Danny. Into my life I love him with all my heart and my soul. He lives in London and I in Australia we are both turning 60 this year I in September and he in October . He is scared to make the change. Please mother Mary and Jesus bring him back to me as he stopped writing, and I am lonely and hurting to my very soul. I promise to pray every day from this day forth . I know you will hear my prayer and we will be together in our cottage by the sea and Danny will have his garden and I my soulmate to love and cherish till the end of my days. precious time we have left together is being wasted with each passing day please let us be Togethe soon . I thank you Jesus for everything .

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  1. Understanding

    I have a cousin sister that stopped contacting me after she got married. After I visited her dad’s house, she hung up on me when I tried to speak. I Know your pain but it could be worse.

  2. Danny and me

    thank you – it is worse Danny did write to me two days ago and said that it was best we let each other go. because there were a lot of what if’s. what if he did not find a job , what if we got sick… and a whole lot more. have not replied don’t know what to say . only know tthat there is a constant pain that does not seem to diminish.

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