bring back the love of my life

by Meryl Mora (Boynton Beach Fl)

Please pray that my love of 9 years comes home as soon as possible. He has fallen off of the wagon and is using crack again. I cannot have this around my 14 y/o Daughter that he has helped me raise as it would break her heart to see him like this. Pray that he comes home in the next few days and at least calls.

He is staying with an older woman that also smokes crack and is HIV positive so I am very worried about him. He stopped working and has stopped going to church. I need all of the prayers that I can get. I will not give up on him and I believe that the power of prayer can work miracles. Help me, help my Daughter but most of all, help him.

Through truth there is love and he knows that I love him so very much. Thank you for your prayers and God bless anyone that helps me!