Bring back my love

by Tee Lea (Wilmington,De)

Heavenly,Father,you know all about it. Please return my husband,Derrick to me,delivered from alcohol,emotional and physical abuse. Lord,allow us to be one under Your guidance and instruction. Teach us how to love,cherish,respect and adore on another. Lord,please bless this marriage that You have put together 8 years ago. I ask You to pour out your anointing,your healing, your love,your blood over this hurting marriage. Lord,heal our hearts and souls,heal our four children,breath life and speak life over our situations and let no weapon formed against us prosper. Lord,I love you and I love him too,Lord,I am begging in the name of Jesus to bring us back together. Please. In Jesus name I pray…Amen…Lord,please hear and grant this prayer..