bring back Madhavan to me back in my life for ever with his true love only to me

by Radhika (Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

I love him a lot, for past 1 year we are experiencing some fight between us, But i need him back with honesty and true loving person towards me.and only me. Please lord i miss him a lot and am currently undergoing lots of pain in my heart and i cant forget him. I want him in my entire life. Please change him and bring it back to me. Lord you can do it for my joy and happiness. If he is in the process of loving or marrying someone, please change his thoughts and bring him back to me..Please reunite us, as we are in 8 years relationship..and i want this life time. Please lord i love him a lot. Lord please help me to turn to me and love me as before in his life time…and for ever and we should get married immediately. Please help me lord.