Bring An End to My Lacking Father

by Tony B. (Hallandale, Florida)

Heavenly Father, I thank you for another beautiful and glorious day that you have blessed me with. I thank you for the clothes on my back, the food in my stomach, and the money in my pocket. I thank you Father for all of your many blessings past, present and future.

You know Father that I too am a father to a beautiful daughter, the most precious gift you have ever given me. And I pray Father that you will end my financial lacking as I have worked so hard yet still do not have all that I need to provide for my daughter properly. I have been humbled for so long, and truly desire to end this season of lack so that I might provide for my daughter in the way that I should. Aside from my desire to be closer to you, I want nothing more than to be able to provide a stable home for my daughter, an environment where your love is all around. I pray to you Father for a life changing financial gift so that these things may be possible, and so that we may place more of our focus on our worship of you. I thank you for hearing my prayer Father, and it is in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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