Breakthrough in all aspects of my life.

by Kunle (Maryland)

Thank you father for your continuous unfailing love towards me and your nations , I give you all praises and adoration and thank you for your unmatchable support and love towards my life regardless of any sins I may have committed knowingly or unknowingly. I take this moment that you turn my life around for the best father Lord , let your wish for my life come to pass. Elevate me in all area of my life IJN amen . Father rebirth me in your presence, lead my steps , use me for your greater glory , cast away every spirit of lackness from my life whether it be financially , spiritually , man made etc…. father anything that’s not from you I rebuke it out of my life at this moment in the mighty name of Jesus . Father elevate me in amongst my peers , provide a happy fruitful employment that I can use to glorify your name and help take care of the family you have blessed me to lead to your kingdom . Please father answer this prayers for me , put the enemies to shame in my life , show them that you are the rock of life and be the landlord of my soul . Father resurrect yourself in my life , business , in my relationship , in my finances, in my family . Father resurrect yourself father God . Stretch your righteous hand over me and my life , do not allow me to be the same anymore after today . Father change my circumstances for your greater glory . Father I also pray for all your children whichever part of the world they are at this time and need to see your unfailing love , with all might father send your Holy Spirit to touch them , bring the oppressed peace , bring the hungry your daily bread as you have promised us in your holy book , heal the sick , pls reinstate strength and Health into every part of their bodies , cure any diseases that has been bestowed in them , release all your children that are in bondage father God set us free father IJN Father reinstate our long forgotten happiness . Let all nations see your glory in our life , Use me to win you many souls , father elevate so I can teach your words to the world and show them all the glory u have bestowed upon me for being your faithful servant. Thank you father for answering my prayers , thanks for all the blessings that i am currently a beneficiary of and thanks for the blessings to come IJN Thank you father for everything you will do , have done and will continuing doing in my life . I’ll forever praise your name and love you till my last breath on this earth

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