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After 5 years of my life falling apart I have lost everything and everyone I loved. Life’s been really hard these past 5 years and I’ve had strength every time up to now to keep pushing and get back up .. but I just now have lost the will to want to fight I have nothing to look forward to everything I want is never answered I just feel like I’ve gone through enough all I ask is for simple things in life i had a business shut down and went bankrupt I’ve been trying to get a new career with a decent pay I’ve been homeless and all I ask is for my own house and yard for my dog, I’ve lost my licence and lost all my nice cars and all I ask is that I can have a nice car to drive again. I’ve lost my partner and my child and constantly feel alone and all I ask is I meet someone who will let me remember what it’s like to live life with love again. I just feel defeated and after 5 years of praying every single day when I finally think things are getting better they end up worst and when I think I couldn’t hit a new low I prove myself wrong. I honestly think I’ve gotten depression. I’m tired. I’m beaten. I’m scared . I’m hopeless and I just please ask god to help me to get the life I no I can live back to help me with these simple things to Be able to be the best I can again.. it probably won’t work but I guess I’m defeated and hoping maybe god may help me and not have forgotten about me if someone else can pray for me. I probably sound selfish but I have had a bad run and I just don’t no if I have the strength or the will to keep going much longer .. god I love you and hope you hear my prays and help me with the things you no I need help with . I’m sick of living life in scarcity and deserve abundance I’m sick of living life depressed feeling like I’ve failed and out of love .. I deserve love and happiness and I ask that please lord you hear my prays.

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