Breaking curses and any witchcraft in our family

Dear heavenly father i come before you. Thank you for the gift of life and your love that endures forever.

Lord i bring myself before you asking for forgiveness that i have committed knowingly and unknowingly, i repent on behalf f my family ohh lord. From our great grandfathers to our fathers and mothers, to our brothers and sisters lord. Dear lord all that is happening in our family you know it all ohh God… Relationships breaking, deaths, diseases and misunderstanding in our family. Remember us ohh lord. Break any curse or witchcraft that may be thrown to us dear Lord… open all opportunities dear Lord. Bless us with husbands my redeemer. Give our brothers and sisters jobs ohh Lord.. Let us love one another heavenly father. Let us know you dear lord…. Use me ohh lord.

You love us and i believe that you have good plans for us. Am praying having faith and believing in you my Creator. Without yo am nothing. I believe you are listening my Father and you’ll answer unto my prayers.