Breaking Chains

by China ()

Dear Lord, I come to you humbly baring myself to you. Lord, I can sit and cry though I know that you move when I move. Amen. I declare every negative force and entity over my life to banish! I pray that every door will shut and God that you keep them just as such! God the closer I get to my purpose the more the devil tried to lure me, distract me and break me. But in the name of Jesus, I say no more! I am a child of God! I have a purpose! I have meaning! I have determination! I have goals! Every blessing that my great great grandmother, grandmother and mother did not receive belong to me. Lord, I stand in the paint for my family. God, you told me that I’m destined for greatness. You never told me what I had to do to get here Lord. The pain I’d have to endure, the people that have betrayed me and all the plans the devil caused to be delayed for me. Lord, I forgive it all! It’s not my battle every tear and fear is accounted for. You shut the door in the faces of all my enemies they are no more. You only give the toughest battles to your strongest soldiers and Lord I am a general! I am a conquer! I am a fighter I will not give up Lord you never give up on me. I’m grateful for all you’ve brought me through. I’m grateful for the good, bad, sad, happy, mad, pretty, ugly things that life has spit at my face. God for if it had not happened how would I still be standing today? So I say unto you Lord and to every one that reads this, I pray that God breaks every chain on your life. Every chain of hurt, manipulation, deceit, pettiness, anger, and sorrow. I pray that no force set against you will prosper! I pray that he reveals to you your purpose and that you embrace who he is creating you to be and not run from him. God takes us all as we are. For if we were or are perfect why or how would he use us? Lord the battle is yours the victory is mine! In Jesus name, I pray Amen

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