Break through the wall to God

by Steve (Rosalia WA USA)

Father in heaven in Jesus Christ name asking the Holy Spirit to hear what I ask that I cant wait any-longer to be mental and physically transform into a supernatural being that no longer gets tired any-more! As Ive a point in our life is I need to get back out to work plus finished my last college classes! I demand you all hear me now to respond to me this moment enough youre ignoring me I wont go away! Remember I was born mentally screwed where I have a hard slow time processing every-thing and I cant converse with stranger! As well because I tend to freeze up when in interviews and I am not enough confident before people I am interviewing with! I have to demand that you start supernaturally helping me have motivated confidence in myself that I can do any-thing and every-thing I put a notion to do! I need the barrier to fall from me being able to make friends easily with both sides males or females it should matter any-more! Bless my wife to be supernaturally transformed to make her a better stronger energized wife to meet my every-need as she is commanded to do! Ignore what I must do to seek out one that could begin to meet my whole needs. Over-look it for all time that I cant stand the pressure I need very physical spirit interaction of blinding mingling of spirits and body! Let this day have order to get everything done and safety living and blessed!

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