by Singaram Vasudevrao (Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh,India)

! Oh my lord Savior,kindly bless my wife to love and affection to wards me and on to my family members,show your miracle power on my wife to change her behavior as soon as possible,i am awaiting of your miracle power please

lord show your grace and mercy on your son who is thirsty of his wife love,

please lord bless her cleanse her and purify her and change her heart for good cause and to mix up with my family through all your gracious blessings lord right now bless her please please please please please kindly accept my prayer please right from the deep of my heart i am asking you bless her really and truly i need you to do this to me please please lord change her kindly show your mercy on your son,please kindly bless the properties for sale,

make me financially strong give me good knowledge and good skill and talent to earn,remove the fear ness and nervous ness and anxiety and stress from my mind and body and soul totally and completely with your precious holy blood bless your son and his wife,destroy the evil spirits around family and destroy the evil minded thoughts from my wife heart if any,and lord destroy the people who are around filing wrong thoughts in her mind against me and to my family,

destroy the people around and cleanse her heart and mind with your precious holy blood,my father you can only change her i believe in you and i have faith in you please lord show gracious presence on me and on my wife to make our two hearts to be one in your name

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