Blessings from above

by Annmarie (Canada)

God in heaven please shine your marvelous light and shower down your heavenly love and kindness with your most forgiving heart into the families that are going through heartaches caused by the turmoil of confusion addiction sorrow pain sickness and diseases …

Please God show your undying love to my family and every person and family who are in this ever present hell on earth. .. renew their faith touch their heart uncloud their eyes to your truth open their minds and hearts and fill them with happiness prosperity love kindness and care take away their pain and sorrow their disbelief their sickness and rid them of their tears …prove to them that you are THE ALMIGHTY GOD AND SAVIOR and nothing is impossible for you …you are our king and master and we are your obidient and humble children willing and ready to follow and obey so that we are favored by you and can finally walk with the grace of you GOD … we belong to you. …may God bless each and everyone who takws the time to read this and may you find the undying love and happiness I have found for my king JESUS CHRIST…he will save you as he has me…AMEN!!!!

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