Blessings and salvation for me

by Lee Piea Peng ()

Hi! Can you please help me say a prayer of intercession to Lord God Almighty again?

My parents live in Kota Bharu, a town in Kelantan, Malaysia. At the moment my family’s two multi-storey shophouses in Kota Bharu, that are inherited from my late (paternal) grandfather, are entirely vacant or vacant in almost all storeys. I am very worried, as seeing the two shophouses vacant makes me feel sad. I pray to Lord God Almighty that He help my family seek good tenants (preferably those who are interested in conducting coffee shop or banking business) for the two shophouses as soon as possible, so that my elderly parents may have some monthly income; and may Lord God Almighty bless the tenants to be succeed in their businesses at our two shophouses.

I heard that Kota Bharu as well as other towns of Kelantan are a bit quiet, particularly in their economics. Thus I also pray that Lord God Almighty choose suitable people to help in the building and development of the working community of the residents in Kota Bharu, especially in the area of business and retail activities. I wish that Lord God Almighty promote economic activeness in the resident population of Kota Bharu, and strategies to (1) grant the residents of Kota Bharu ability, confidence and courage to produce economic goods and services in Kota Bharu; and (2) invite investments of other states of Malaysia or other countries into business interests in Kota Bharu.

Lord God Almighty, grant us Your powers of good judgement, Your wisdom and guidance so that my family, the tenants and all residents in Kota Bharu may prosper and do right in whatever they pursue in their businesses and all endeavour.

In the Most Honorable name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Thank you. Amen.

Fond regards
Piea Peng

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