Blessing to relieve depression

by Mj (Virginia)

Please pray for me fellow prayer warriors. I have not been in this much pain since my mom died. But this is worse. My mom was sick and could not help leaving.

My fiance has decided to move back home (he is 42)six hours away from me. I realize it was wrong to live together out of wedlock but we truly were working towards marriage and had planned a date. Unfortunately we both lost our jobs in this economy and even though I’m now going back to school, most of it is online.

So we have basically spent over two years (the first with me out of work–depressed and not looking for a job until I decided I needed to work) and then the past year when we moved 6 hours away from his hometown to fix up a condo my dad has in exchange for free rent.

Now we’ve been living together for the past year in the same house and although I’ve had school online he spiraled into the same depression I went into that first year and has not looked for a job except twice in one year. Being around each other 24/7 in the same house has of course been extremely hard on our relationship.

I have been praying desperately for his soul but recently I saw how bad his depression had gotten and I prayed for change in our lives to help us. God listened I believe. Him telling me he is moving home to live with mom & dad and we don’t have enough in common to have a marriage is definite change.

I would tell you dear friends if we did not have enough in common to make a marriage. Just the opposite is true! We’ve just had such terrible circumstances with both of us losing our jobs due to downsizing and let ourselves fall into a very unhealthy depression where we hardly left the house.

I at least had school to focus on. He feels like he is drowning and cant get air he is so depressed.

PLEASE PLEASE Prayer warriors pray for his soul & a personal relationship with God through all this. And I beg each of you to take a minute or more so if you’ll keep in your heart to truly pray for us more than once, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stand with me in believing God for the miracle of restoration in our relationship. I thank you so very much.

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  1. depression and drug withdrawl releif

    Hello im in need of prayer to help me with my moms death and to help with my opiate withdrawl.i love u jesus lord god and in desperate need of ur healing today..thank u to anyone who can help me with these god the most is my only hope.thank u and amen

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