Blessing so that we may reconcile our relationship

by Tony (New York)

Dear St. Jude,

Please give my girlfriend Rebecca the strength and trust in her mind and heart to believe in me and herself. I am in the process of getting a better paying job and I wish she would trust that I can be a provider for us.

Please help her restore her love, faith, commitment and trust in me and our relationship. Please let us get back together as a couple,get married,have children and live our lives in health and happiness with finacial stability.

For this I pray and hope that my prayers are answered. I will be and I am grateful for all you do St. Jude. Thank you

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  1. Relationship

    If you can please reconcile my relationship with my sons mother. She seems to have given up on any chance.

  2. restored love we miss

    Dear st.Jude
    I been with my kids father for six year out two year I waiting for him while lock. We had dream hope and future,but he don’t know what’s love is . He used to girl cheated on him and fight for him ,but I different so he never know what’s love is he just left me be with this girl who don’t love him he blind by her beauty. She lie so much and pit witchcraft on him to fall in love with her. He don’t know he say je in love with her but he just don’t know why she never do nothing for him I stand by him side when he tougher solution make sure he take care but I sacrifice I both job so he would be lock up.she didn’t care about him more than I do. I want God opens his eyes to see truth in her to see lie she told and her secret she have that’s he don’t know. I want trust him and I want restore what’s he could have together and start over again. I want let go past and move forthword and for him see truth in me and bring back our love more stronger and walk in God hand. If we are might to be together than I’ll wait until God bring him to me but change for himself. And for me change for myself.

  3. Help restore my relationship

    Dear Father,
    Help me to restore my relationship. I miss her every second. Please let her know I am sorry for the things I’ve done, they were only out of the best intentions or at least I thought. I truely care and would do anything in this world for her if only she would ask. I know I may have hurt her or made her lose trust but please let her remember the good times we have. She is absolutely an amazing person, and I want to be there with her to help push her and encourage her to chase all her dreams. If it is in your will Dear Father please help me restore the bond that we started.

    In your name Father, Amen

  4. reconciliation of a recent break up

    please pray for my recent ex to help us get back together. I have already done the things he wants me to and I’ve been praying a lot. I really want us back together because I know he still loves me as well

  5. Prayer for your relationship

    Help these two that they may be back together and in the same way bless my relationship. I miss him and its barely one week since he called it quits.

  6. May I have Your favor on a potential relationship

    Dear Father,

    I seek You to restore a relationship that I consider special to me. I ask that you enlighten Steve to see me for the person I truly am and that I only mean to do good by him. I believe with all my heart that You are the answer to this situation. I trust that whatever you decide is for my good only. Do know I only have love and respect for him even if the feeling may not be mutual. In Jesus name, I love You. AMEN.

  7. Prayers to reconcile our relationship

    Help me pray to restore Wayne’s love, faith, commitment and trust in me and our relationship. I love him unconditionally and want to spend the rest of my life with him. Please let us get back together as a couple so we can live our lives in peace, health and happiness with financial stability.

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