Blessing of life and Progress

by Patrick (Kampala, Uganda)

I pray to God through Jesus Christ to intervene in my life and move me from all financial bondage’s to the most highest of progress. Lord, may you release all my financial Blessings and financial break-through so that i can be of importance to my society. Almighty God, I seek your hand to support me in my current debt predicaments totaling $15,000; Good lord, Bless my hands so that i can be a Blessing to others. Bless my Job, Bless my family and Bless my entire life! Enable my promotion and salary increment Lord God, this i know you’ve already done! Thank you for all the Blessings you’ve given me. Heal me from any sort of diseases like body allergies. Give good health of body and mind. Thank you Lord. This i pray in the name of God the Father, God the son and God the Holy spirit. Amen.

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