Blessing of a child

by Natalia ()

I’m in a place of sorrow right now and sadness fills the air. I pray to be lifted from this heaviness into the light and hope of being blessed with a child. My husband and I are not in a good place and there is a lot of pressure that we’re both creating in trying to conceive. We are fighting about this right now and my hope is for God to cleanse both our souls so we can see the love we have for each other and our future child. I ask God to bring peace to our relationship so we see our true purpose and continue on this path, if it is to be. I trust in you God to guide us and bring us peace within ourselves so we can practice the love we have for each other. I surrender to you, God. I give you my sorrows. I want to live in joy no matter what and appreciate all the good things you have set forth in our lives. I love you, God and I am sorry for being distant. I really need to feel you right now. Forgive me for being selfish and thinking I can do this on my own. I know you’ve always been there for me, I just failed to acknowledge your love. You are what I am missing in my life. I promise today to start nurturing our relationship again and not ignore you like I have in the past. I am sorry for all my sins. I love you, God.

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