Blessing in Marital life

by RL (Mumbai)

Dear Lord,

Its been 2.5 years of my marriage and both my in laws, husband and my parents are not in talking terms. Everybody got their own ego and there is just blame game going around. Lord Jesus, touch them all and let be united as this hatred between two family is driving me mad as I am not allowed to go and meet my parents. Everytime i have to hide from office and go and meet my parents. My mother in law keeps on inerfering in my life and has made my life miserable.

My husband only knows to emotionally blackmail me and every coxes me with affection so that I can spend all my savings to pay off his and his sister’s house loan. Lord, everytime i feel like committing suicide as there is nobody to look after my aged parents neither I am allowed to give them any money. Lord, do some miracle at the earliest. This prayer I ask in Jesus name Amen.

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