Blessing for relationship

by Janaki Alex Santhana (God Heart)

Morning !! May Your Day be blessed’

Child of god life,

I’ here to share my problem’ My Relationship is under a problem, My guy misunderstanding and try to avoid me. I here to ask help from you guys to pray for my relationship. He love me more than me but now his mind and heart recover with anger’ so dint want listen to anyone. Please pray for me.

Loving God,

Thank you for all blessing upon us, We are so blessed child. Guide the human being in this world guide them with your way make them to realize your pure love. You are our strength and refuge. I call out to you in the time of my distress and trust in your mercy.

I pray my relationship back together as your wish’ Please let us realize each other love and the stronger love that grow within us. I seek for your mercy and blessing that you may allow us to spend the rest of our life with each other as husband and wife, Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. where ever we go always put us each other heart and mind, Bless me and my partner to stay stronger in your way’ I ask a forgiveness” Please forget & forgive the wrong we done. Shower us with your Holy spirit’ Remove all our sinners. Please hear my cry for mercy and come to my help.Remove my problem and make my life shine in your way. My love is true. i believe that you will change his mind and heart in anger. make us back together with you bless. Our 6 Years Love is form your wish and plan that you plan for us. make it stay stronger. Let us be example to our children and grandchild. He is my life’ i dint want spread from him. I already live with him in true love. Please bless us God.

I Pray In Jesus Powerful Name. Amen !!!
Glory be the God

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