Blessing for a new baby

by Joelene Annaline Singh (South Africa, KZN)

Oh Heavenly Father, i humbly kneel before you, unable to raise my head or heart, i am covered in shame and sin.

You clothed my nakedness with your beautiful grace and you deem me worthy as your daughter. You fill my soul with the purest warmth and peace.

You raise me up each day! How glorious a God you are to think me worthy of your love and grace!

Praise my Prince of Peace for he shelters me and comforts me whilst i wait in hope of a baby!

Father you know my hearts desire to have a family of my own. You provide sufficiently for me in all other things! Your grace is sufficient for me but i cant help the yearning inside of me, to hold my own little one. Father if there is anything i have done in my past or now that makes me unworthy of being a vessel to one of your angels, then prepare me, shape me, guide me, teach me so that i may be worthy and ready! Open your merciful heart and grace me with a child of my own. Please be merciful King of Kings. Do not look on my unworthiness but rather on my eager heart to please you and to love the child you have chosen especially for me. Father you said go forth and multiply to Adam and Eve, father this is my desire. Please hear me Lord,bless me with my babies, Ezekial, Joshua, Mia, Bethany. Amen Amen Amen.

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  1. May God b

    your prayer truly touched my heart as well… we have the same desire… may god prepare us as we joyfully await on our journey to become new stewards to one of his angels… i join you in your prayers… god bless us all…

  2. in my prayers

    As I lie in bed reading your prayer I began to cry out to the Lord. Standing in agreeance with you from a distance I pray GOD answers both our prayers.

    Your words touch my heart and my spirit. As the tears flow I praise him and thank him for being such an awesome Father.

    I am amongst a pregnant family member at this very moment that almost died last year after being in a coma for three months. They said she’d never be able to have children.

    Well today she is 6 months pregnant with her first baby. So I know GOD is able and I see miracles all around me. I say if he can do it for her why not us.

    So thank you again for sharing your prayer and I will keep you in my prayers. All of you. May GOD grant you the desires of your heart. Be blessed!

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