Bless us with a home

My prayer is im asking for a financial blessings from our Father God above for me and my 3 children to receive our own home to have our own address, for the past couple of months I have been staying with a friend that has 6kids of her own, it has been very very stressful im working now! I thank God eveyday for my job and my wellbeing but me and my 3boys need stability my God has brought us a very long way and I give him all the GLORY!! I plead the blood of JESUS over my blessings, myself, my children, my finances, my new home, a new car, my job, and I ask that God bless me to be a better person than I was yesterday.

Im bringing all my problems, worries, everything thats unfamiliar of you Lord God. Bringing everything to the alter and laying it down because i know you can, I know you are willing, and I know you are able.I ask right now Jesus step into this situation and show up and show out.Amen

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