Bless us oh Lord

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Dear Jesus, such a wonderful, sweet name! I love you and thank you for all that you have done for me. My only request is that you heal our land and leaders of this world. Please Lord, I wait upon your saving grace and peace. There is none like you! I know sometimes this world can be stuck on themselves most of the time, but I only ask, “What is life without your amazing love?” I wonder why people are doubting the Almighty power of your name. For you say to never doubt the power of God! I pray that you take control of your people and make them know that power of God in their lives! There is none like you! I know this because every time I call unto you as my God, my Father, I know that you are listening to my call! I know that you hear the voice of need, so I ask that you take control over this world and grant that we may see peace reign within us once again! There is none like You, Father! There is none like You! There is so many times we yearn for your hand in upon our lives to direct and lead us and again I say that there is none like You! For I know that You can do all things and I know that You could end this spiritual warfare if you wanted to! I know without the shadow of doubt that there is none like You! For you have made the lame walk, the deaf hear and the blind see, and I know that there is nothing you can’t do! In the name of Jesus, please heal this land and bring peace to your people once again! I love you, Lord! I will not fear anything or doubt the power of your love! For I know that there is none like You! I love you Jesus the maker and taker of the universe! I love you and I wait upon your amazing grace once again you will save us from the path of destruction, because You are bigger than this world and I know that your will, will be done. I know You Lord! I will give you the benefit of any doubt that I ever had, because You are God, and you will come again to reign forever for your glory. I love you, Lord! It is only a short time, but I know you have me in your hands. You are the healer, counselor and the mighty God and You can do all things. All we have to do is call upon your name Jesus and it will be done! You will reign in our hearts here and forever Amen! We love you, Lord! Amen! Continued…. I pray for world peace. Let the fruits of the spirit be with our leaders. Help us to share with love in our hearts. After all, who are we in the Lord? The fruit of the spirit is love, patience, kindness, self-control, gentleness, love faith hope and the greatest of these is love! I won’t forget the goodness that God has for us and forever has shown us when He promised us eternal life. Please Lord, I claim it in Jesus’s name for peace! Anything you say in Jesus’s name it shall be done! Amen, I believe that with all my heart. Amen! Lord, another prayer for World Peace. Lord, you have to protect us and guide us. You are our only hope. The innocent people should not die. Even though you have everyone in Your hands, I pray for a better way and a better future for all! People are people they live for a hope and a future. Please make our future brighter with many hopes and desires met! We people need that in life. I know that there will be rumors of wars until You come back, but I know that You have us in Your hands. You will never let anything happen to Your people. I know that You will protect us and reign in our hearts and lives forever! Please give us strength and please let us never give up on your promises in our lives. Lord, please don’t stop us from living a life that we give glory to you for! I love You Lord! Amen.

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