Bless us indeed dear Jesus

by Agelina (Canada)

Heavenly Father, my husband NAND I pray for your mercy that we find a home. One that is filled with so much love joy and happiness, but most of all one that is filled with your Holy Spirit. Let all who enter our new home fell loved cared for and most of all May they feel your presence Heavenly Father.

Melt us use this home for all those that need love food shelter and most of all that need you Lord. My husband is 65 still working because we have no retirement money. He has recently suffered a small stroke and he is not feeling his best. We don’t know how much longer he can do his job. We moved out west for his work. All,our family and friends are back home. We do have one son here as well. We have been so blessed to be here but our hearts are back home. We pray thru your grace dear Jesus we can buy a home and pay for it in full.nif this is your will Heavenly Father let it come to pass. We ask all this in Jesus mighty name. Amen

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