Bless the mind and heart of the eldest granddaughter

by Robin (Hookstown, PA)

Lord, hear my prayers. Bless the mind and heart of the eldest granddaughter, Cayla, that she may find peace from all her angsts. Please bless the life of my youngest angel, Maddelena, and grant the presiding judge the wisdom to keep her in my care, and not allow her biological parents to intercede in her life anymore. She is so young and defenseless, and has only known Gamma, Poppy, Auntie, and her three wonderful cousins as her true family.

She has been with us by Your Grace for the entirety of her short two years. Please grant us the greatest blessing ever, and make the judge see she is loved, secure, nurtured, and protected here, and this is where she will thrive. Her parents caused her harm due to their selfishness and neglect of her needs. I beseech thee Lord God, along with all the saints and angels in Heaven, to bless this baby and keep her in our loving care. So many lives and hearts will be torn and hurt irreparably if you deny our pleas. We need her, and she needs us. You put her in my care for a reason, Lord, I beg you to never take her away. She is so precious to all of us, and she needs Your everlasting love and protection.

Thank you, Lord, for all you have done, and continue to do, on behalf of all Your children. In humble adoration, I thank you, and implore your Divine Intercession. Amen.

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