Bless & save me from complication life

by S.Balamuthu Manickam (Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Heavenly father,

Thank you god, thank you for your blessing and saved my family from many problems. I got good job opportunity during difficult time but i unable to perform the requirements of the company, kindly guide me to come up and yielding for good performance. Bless us to have good thinking, gain some good knowledge and clear life path, please bless my wife dreams and strive to come up in a better position in life. Bless my wife, son, family members to have a peaceful & happy life. Bless my country to have good atmosphere, peace, prosperity and development.Bless my parents dream suffered entire span life, bless them with peace and happy life. Bless my broathers and sisters family to have a good and prosperous life.

Oh god save me from this difficult phase and i need to come up in my life and succeed in my current work assignment, bless me to have a successful working week and give me a satisfied life.

Thank you for your beloved blessing and love


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