bless people with unexpected money blessings

by Stephanie (Laurel, MT, US)

I am a kind of person who will do anything for people. Dont even have to know them. But one thing ive dreamed of, was to have the means to bless people with unexpected money blessings. I truely live for that. What im here for. I already help so many with my words, wish i could do more..

Well, ive been entering everyday for the 5000 a week forever prize from publishers clearing house on the 24th of feb. Me winning this prize i have no thought of myself. Only others. If God finds me fit to bless in this form, i pray his hand in this amazing chance to help others.

I have nothing, but myself to bless with. But its all i do. I live for it. So… If there is someone out there to help pray for this, well, then God bless you too… Thankful & Greatful,