Bless Our Lovely Relationship Forever As A Husband And Wife

by Alex Janu (Jesus Heart)

Almighty Lord

Thank you for your unconditional love for me. Thank you for your grace and for your perfection in our life. I am so blessed and grateful for my life and for my husbands Alex santhana life. Thank for trusting us with each others hearts, blessing us with the covenant of marriage. You have given us an opportunity to love each other unconditionally. We may bless each other and be a beautiful example of a healthy marriage to other couples. Keeping Satan and his ways far from our family, I pray that our love for each other continues to grow deeper and deeper everyday Please grant us time to spend intimately with one another, and especially time and desire to pray with and over one another! I pray for restoration in our marriage! May you be at the center of our marriage FOREVER and EVER! Reigning in our hearts, motivating our love and guiding our actions! In Jesus Name AMEN!

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