Bless Our Family O Lord

by Dyan (Philippines)


Please bless our family and give us the strength to overcome all the chalenges that come along our way. Siblings curse each other because of a wrong doing. I know that there is a time for change. And I hope that this change will not be too late. Grant us the peace in our hearts that each one of us will forgive each other. Not by pushing others to be far by heart but be close to near.
I know it is impossible for now, but in Your time it will be possible. Please help Mommy to let go of the stress that she’s going through right now. Reverse her tears to hope and that she will not be sad.
In Jesus name, I ask the Holy Spirit to guide my brother to do good. And please keep him away from evil doings.
I know You are the only one who has the control of everyone.
Jesus, I trust in You. Please keep me safe always.

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