by Balamuthu Manickam.S (Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Heavenly father, bless my son in his 11th Birth day the same day has to return 100 more times and bless him to have a good habits, discipline, better education, wealthy health and prosperous future.

Thanks for your blessing and protected my all the difficult occasions, give safety to my wife to have a better prosperous in her life, bless her for wealth, good health and peace of mind.

Safe my parents and in laws in their aged life, bless my father he should relieve from all the court cases difficulties and spent his life happily, bless his dreams. Bless my in-laws to have a peaceful life & good health,

Save me & bless me to complete my current project successfully without further hurdles. Give your blessing and all our good peoples cooperation to make this project successful.

Save my country to have a peace & progress, wealthy atmosphere, united growth. Thank you for blessing my son.

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