bless my finances duplicate them

by Carmelle (Gta)

God please make that my finances get duplicated. My children’s father refuses to help them monetaririly and that leavs me to provide for them. I need to bless me oh god bless my children that are working so hard at university, college and at their job.

Make it god that we can get blessed with your love, with your word and with your grace.
the children are working so hard every day to make it every way they can./ they work , go to school.
give them the stregth to follow the right path even though their father is putting road blocks in their path. PLease pray for their father. he needs your word, your love and your understanding. he is lost without his children maybe they need to forgive him and he needs to get involved in their lives. please show him the way and show the kids the way of forgiveness. in the name of God, amen

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