Bless my family & my son

by Shirley (West Covina, Ca)

Dear Lord, bless my daughters may they have true love, good jobs, communication with one another, may they have medical insurance & happiness. May they receive the same in return. Bless my son, forgive him for his sins. Rebuke Satan out if his body,mind,soul and spirit. Let him see better days. Release him from jail, prison or camps. Don’t let the judge or court make an example of him. Let them be lenient with his crime & his sentencing dear God. Protect & forgive him, in Jesus name. Let us be able to stay here for at least a year to save money to be able to move. Let my car be repaired & not give me problems. May my bankruptcy be approved & discharged. Forgive me for my sins. Bless my grandkids, my Mother, brothers, my Kids, my Aunt, Uncle, & cousins, friends, relatives, neighbors & co- workers. Let us all live to see another day. No bad news, but just good news & guidance & help & overcoming life’s hardships. In Jesus name, Amen.