Bless My Family for Peaceful Life, Health & Wealthy Life

by Balamuthu Manickam S (Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Heavenly Father,

Thanks for your blessing, in all the difficult occasions you saved my family. Today is my 15th Wedding Anniversary we need your blessing for peaceful & prosperous life, without your blessings we cannot survive, we need your supporting hand for proper guidance and run a life in a correct path.

Dear Lord my self and my wife putting our efforts honestly to come up in life at every moment still we are facing more troubles without peace. In my current work assignment i am putting all the effort honestly to come up for success but still i am facing serious trouble, without proper supports & guidance, please save me from difficulties and trouble.

Almighty God, bless my wife to have peaceful & prosperous life, bless my parents to have a peaceful & happy life. Bless my son to have a good habits, discipline and good education.

Thanking you lord

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