Bless my children, keep them safe and continue to love on them

by Mary (North Carolina)

Lord God, I do not always understand, nor do I know what or how to handle the situations that my children struggle with. However, I know you can give them guidance, knowledge and the ability to strive and to recover from difficult times. My Lord, My God, Guide their paths in the right direction. Lord, I ask that you open doors for my children and close the ones that they are not suppose to enter. Lord, you know my daughter is struggling daily. Lord, I don’t know what to tell her, at times I feel lost for words. She has faced such difficult crcumstances recently. However, I know you are giving her the strength to handle each disappointment and will provide for her. Lord, take away my fears and instead give me strength to help her how I am suppose to help her. Take care of her dogs which she loves dearly. Remove the confusion and doublt from her mind. Lord, your presence reminds me that you are a part of this situation. Lord, my son wants to go to graduate school. If this is your will, please open the doors that have been closed in the past. My daughter wants to work in the medical field, as a doctor; however, she has gotten in her own way. Bless my children, keep them safe and continue to love on them. Thank you for giving me such wondefful children. Guide my path in a mighty way and I will continue to acknowledge who you are, my Lord and Savior.

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