Bless me with prosperity

by Jason (Arizona)

Father God I praise, worship, love, and adore you with all my heart, mind, body, and soul.

Forgive me of all my sins, clean and purify me with the precious blood of Jesus that I may be pure before you in the mind, body, spirit, and soul. Thank you for that precious blood and the power of that blood that your son shed for me at the cross for me and all who believe to receive freedom from sin, death, all evil, the auther of evil, and all the powers of darkness and hell. Now that I am clean before you by the power of your word and by the power of the blood of the lamb I shall pray to you in the spirit of truth speaking to you my hearts desire of prosperity. Your holy and true word says “We have a loving God who hears our prayer and grants us our hearts desire.”

I pray in the name of your son Jesus Christ and in the mighty power of the Holy Spirit. I ask you in prayer in the name of your son Jesus Christ to bless me with prosperity. Your holy and true word says “Anything, all things, and whatever you ask the Father using my name that He will do.” I believe in your word for it is holy and true and I believe in the power of prayer. Your holy word says, “Anyone who prays believing SHALL receives as he believes in the power of prayer.” I believe I shall receive as I believe in the power of prayer for you said it yourself in your divine, holy, and true word so truth and so it shall be.

Bless me with prosperity Holy God of Isreal with financial miracles as you have done in the past with moses when you delivered them from the eygptions and split the waters. Cause the river of poverty to split wide open for me as you did with moses that I may walk across to the promised land of prosperity in which I am to recieve as I believe in the power of prayer and by the promise of your holy and divine word. And may my true enemies who wish me and my loved ones harm be left behind to drown in the river of poverty left with no resources, power, or life left to pursue me and my loved ones as you did with the egyptians when they wished to pursue moses and the people to kill them and you caused the waters to fall down upon them and they drowned in the waters.

Bless me with prosperity Holy El-Shaddia the all sufficient one. For you are full of the power to cause my prosperity and infinite in what is necessary for it to manifest. Cause prosperity to occur in my life and give the event in which prosperity may manifest and exist in my life here on earth and in the heavens above.

Bless me with prosperity Holy Elohim with your holy power and might cause prosperity to come my way.

Bless me with prosperity Holy Adonia For you are Lord of all Things creator of the heavens and earth and the true owner of all the silver and gold that the earth possess within its land.

Bless me with prosperity Jehovah-Yahweh show me thy divine salvation and save me from the curse of poverty and the lack of things.

Bless me with prosperity Jehovah Maccaddeshem my lord my sanctifier. Set me apart make me holy as well as my prosperity.

Bless me with prosperity Jehovah Rohi the Lord my shepherd. Lead me my great shepherd to good prosperity and success.

Bless me with prosperity Jehovah Shammah the Lord who is present. Be with me and in your presence my I find prosperity and increase in all good things.

Bless me with prosperity Jehovah Rapha the Lord our healer. Heal my curse of poverty and bless me heavenly and earthly prosperity. Heal me completely from sin and all the curses of sin. Heal me and restore me to a perfect being in the perfection in christ. bless me aboundantly that I may have a paradise of my own here on earth as adam and eve once had.

Bless me with prosperity Jehovah Jireh the one who provides. Provide for me the properity in which I desire and seek and the divine inspiration, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, love, favor, people, places, things, events, situations, and luck I need to receive prosperity in aboundance.

Bless me with prosperity Jehovah Sabbaoth the lord of hosts/commander of all the angels. I ask that you may command angels (prosperity angels) to bless me and my life with heavenly and earthly prosperity.

Bless me with prosperity Holy El Roi the strong one who sees. In your strength see my prosperity and lead me and guide me to it.

Amen in Jesus name I pray.

Thank you Lord God that you are faithful and true to your holy word.

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  1. I love this prayer, and love to exalt God with His mant names.

    I agree in my spirit and my need with the prayer I just read on this first page of website.

    I praise Yahweh, Yeshua, Ruach to the highest,

    Absolutley and forever.!


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