bless me with my family for i have sinned and not been true

by Adam Liesner (Bridgewater Nh)

Heavenly father please show us your light your passion for love and family. Oh lord please let my love hope and passion for you shine through my sins father let your eyes show us the way to happiness and freedom of depression. Let us be strengthened by our love for one another.let our loveg low like a never ending flame in the darkness of the world.let all the fear retreat from our bodies like the waters split. Protect us against any difficulties along the way give us the wisdom to overcome any objective in our way. Let your love shine through us as we mend our wounds caused by words used like daggers to dig and engrave pain. No pain grater than the thought of the loss of my family and love of my spouse. Oh lord. Please show samantha the light you’ve shown me. Bring her to the path of destiny to follow your love and word. No greater love than yours oh lord let us see and feel it once again for one another in jesus name I pray to you amen

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