Bless me with either of these jobs

by Moses (Mombasa, Kenya)

Dear LOrd, i come before yuo this evening asking you to bless me secure one of the jobs im currently after.

I sat for my interview yesterday for a position that fits my qualifcations better. We were quite a number after this job but i really feel that this is my time and believe and trust our God, you will deliver. God, im also in proccess of following a business deal in international trade, oil import. I ask you Lord to see this deal through and let the business take off in the name of our lord Jesus.

I have been out of employment for a long time and my family has really gone through hard times but i trust You Lord has a reason for all this. All these i ask in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen………..kindly sisters and brothers, help me in my prayers to achieve. God bless.

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