bless me abundantly in my finances

by Cheryl (Georgia)

Dear God,

I’m a single parent who works hard trying to make a living. Over the years I’ve worked very hard going to school to finish college thinking that’s what was best for me. That was the biggest accomplishment of my life. Now I’m in a position where I can’t buy a home or anything due to my high student loan debt. I have improved on my credit score and can’t get anything. I’m thankful for my job but it’s disturbing to know the job I have is a low paying job with a lot responsibilities. I don’t care for unneeded wants or to be rich. I just would like a job I deserve and to payoff those high debts. Lord please bless me abundantly in my finances. It makes me sad at times to think I’ve done all this hard work and it hasn’t gotten me anywhere. I’m claiming it in the name of son Jesus! Amen

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