A birthday prayer

father,i pray you bless my little girl on this specail day,i pray she grows to know your divine name and speak of your love and power to all she crosses paths with.protect her from evil and guide her through any tough times she might pass on her journey through life. cover her with your powerful … Continue reading “A birthday prayer”

44th birthday prayer

Please dear Lord grant me restoration of the love, peace and joy in my home and marriage. Thank you Lord thet you grant me all this years of life. Thank you Lord for respect and love of my husband and for him returning to you and for salvation of my doughter and husband. Thank you … Continue reading “44th birthday prayer”

Birthday blessing

It is truly remarkable when you receive the blessing of celebrating another year of life . This birthday, my prayer for you is that you continue to be an instrument of righteousness . The message below is just an encouragement for you to keep living for the one who sustains you life . Romans 6;1313 … Continue reading “Birthday blessing”

Blessings on the birthday

Please pray for me sejal, as I am celebrating my birthday today. I am already suffering from lots of problem including illness, marital disharmony and work place problems. Life seems to be very harsh and still there is silent ray of hope that Christ will help me! Today is one of the special day of … Continue reading “Blessings on the birthday”

Mom’s 75th Birthday

I pray Lord that You keep Lennie under Your care as she works diligently everyday to do Your work and Your will. Keep her healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Fill her days with love and support from her family and friends.Protect her on her daily tasks, surrounding her with your angels. Make your presence … Continue reading “Mom’s 75th Birthday”

Prayer to a Special Friend

As special is the sun the moon and the stars So also is your creationYou are specially created by GodYou are special among your peersCause you acquired God’s wisdomTherefore,will I say a special prayer on your dayThat you will live a fulfilling life on earthHappy Special birthday.

Bruce Birthday Prayer Request

Please I request very special my very dear friend Bruce. PleasePrayer birthday, god protect him Guide him give him strenght and courage, health and prosperity finance help and his Career in mighty God holy spirit In Jesus Name. Amen.

My brithday wishes

Dear lord my birthday and my sister is coming but my mom don’t have Money to do are party is hard for my mom cause she is single Mother she cant work. Please father give us a prayer for my mom my lord my birthday is on monday september 10 and my sister is september … Continue reading “My brithday wishes”

Special Brithday Blessing

A special birthday prayer for my husband who lives abroad. I pray that God will look after him and guide to back to me. Please God soften his heart, let him know I love and miss him very deeply. Father in heaven please bless and guide our family. Please unite us once again. Amen.

Prayer for my relationship and education.

Dear lord thank you for all you have done,I pray that you help my relationship and my boyfriend to love me more and we get married in 3 years.help me with my masters and to get a good job.

Prayer for papa as he turns 83

may the good Lord keep Papa strong as he faces the twilight of his life. may death come gently when it is time and may Papa be ready to come back to the Lord with peace in his heart.

Prayer for hearts desires

That the good lord should grant my heart’s desires which are positive and some include to get married this year, to buy a car this year and get a better job or increase my present job status. In Jesus Name Amen!

Prayer for my birthday

Father god I thank you for another birthday thank you for the joy and happiness you bring into my life I ask you to grand me the serenity to continue on this journey you have assign in my life amen 🙂

Humbly seeks prayers

On my 43 birthday I humbly request kindhearted people to pray for my happiness and happiness of others, eternal peace, happy long life, good health for myself and my loved ones and laughter in my life.

Prayer for a lonesome birthday

Lord God, I ask you to bless all those who celebrated their birthday alone. Give joy in their hearts and people to cheer them up. Amen