Bible Verses for Encouragement

Often, we as Christians seek out Bible verses for encouragement to give us strength and inspire us to do God’s will. There are a lot of different Scriptures to encourage Christians in a large variety of circumstances and situations. We have compiled a list of Bible quotes about encouragement after searching diligently through the Scriptures. … Continue reading “Bible Verses for Encouragement”

Birthday Bible Verses

Here, we have 20 birthday Bible verse that are perfect for using in a birthday card, or to engrave on a gift. When looking through these birthday Bible verses, remember that it is God that formed us in our mother’s womb and gave us life–and it is this life he gave us that we celebrate … Continue reading “Birthday Bible Verses”

Bible Verses on Forgiveness

There are a lot of Bible verses on forgiveness found throughout the Scriptures since this is a major biblical theme. Lets take a look at the top 20. Whether we are looking for passages about God forgiving us or those about our responsibility to forgive others, we can discover a lot of information about the … Continue reading “Bible Verses on Forgiveness”

Bible Verses about Peace

In these Bible verses about peace we can discover what part peace plays in a Christian’s life in both their relationship with God and their relationships with other people. Often people long for peace, but it can seem so distant at times. How do we find true peace and what is its primary source? When … Continue reading “Bible Verses about Peace”

Bible Verses About Healing

There are some important Bible verses about healing that show how God can heal us from any affliction or ailment. There are many Scriptures that talk about healing. We have searched through the Bible to find the best quotes that describe healing sickness, disease, and ailments that sometimes afflict our bodies. When you look at … Continue reading “Bible Verses About Healing”

20 Bible Verses about Stress

Life can sometimes be quite stressful and that is when Bible verses about stress can provide us with some comfort and instructions on how to deal with that stress. Whether our stress is related to our work, our finances, our marriage, our family, our children, or any other number of things that might weigh us … Continue reading “20 Bible Verses about Stress”

Bible Verses about Baptism

Baptisms are a very special event. There are some important Bible verses about baptism that give us a lot of insight into what God expects of us, what baptism signifies for believers, and how it benefits us as Christians. With baptism being one of the subjects about which Christians often debate regarding its practice and … Continue reading “Bible Verses about Baptism”

Friendship Bible Verses

When searching through the Scriptures, we find some insightful friendship Bible verses that define the importance of friendship from a biblical point of view. Whether you are just researching the subject of friends from a Christian perspective or looking for a passage to include in a testimonial, we are certain you will find some useful … Continue reading “Friendship Bible Verses”

Bible Verses About Children

What does God tells us in the Bible verses about children that we find scattered throughout the Old and New Testament? A search through the Scriptures reveals some interesting passages that tell us not only about the nature of children, but how God feels about them. Whether you are looking for a biblical quote for … Continue reading “Bible Verses About Children”

Bible Verses About Family

In the Bible verses about family that we find throughout the Scripture, the family is often seen together as one unit in blessing, responsibility, and punishment. Though there are not a lot of quotes that speak of the entire immediate family in one passage, there are some, and they provide quite a bit of insight. … Continue reading “Bible Verses About Family”

Walk by faith

After years of being diagnosed as a borderline diabetic and taking medication for high blood pressure, my weight ballooned to over 270 pounds last year. At that point (Feb 2015) I decided to do something about it. I changed my eating habits and began exercising.Nine months later, I dropped 40 pounds.I thank our Lord for … Continue reading “Walk by faith”

Bible Verses about Life

Life is an important theme in the Scriptures and there are a number of significant Bible verses about life, covering both life here in the flesh and eternal life with God. What is life? What does God say about life? When searching for Bible verses on life, we come across passages both about life here … Continue reading “Bible Verses about Life”

Bible Verses about Courage

Sometimes in our life here on earth, we need to be brave. These Bible verses about courage can inspire us so that we have the strength to do God’s work, and not be afraid. David was courageous when he went up against impossible odds and defeated Goliath. It’s that kind of courage that comes from … Continue reading “Bible Verses about Courage”

Bible Verses About Love

There are a lot of Bible verses about love in the holy Scriptures, covering everything from God’s love toward us, our love toward God, romantic love between married couples, and our love among each other as human beings. Since the Bible tells us that God is love, we can see why there are so many … Continue reading “Bible Verses About Love”

Bible Verses about Worry

If we look around in life, we can certainly find many things to worry about, so any Bible verses about worry are helpful for us to learn about avoiding worry and stress. When we examine Scriptures about worry, we find that much of our stress in life is not necessary and only makes our life … Continue reading “Bible Verses about Worry”

Bible Verses on Prayer

The Scriptures are full of Bible verses on prayer, giving us insight into how important prayer is and how necessary it is for us to pray. There are many bible passages that teach us how to pray, and others that record the prayers of others. God has called all Christians to pray without ceasing and … Continue reading “Bible Verses on Prayer”

Bible Verses about Money

With the necessity of using cash for just about everything in life, Bible verses about money and scripture about debt provide us with God’s insight into how we are to deal with money. Whether you are looking for Scripture passages about money for a sermon or just for personal study, we have selected the best … Continue reading “Bible Verses about Money”

Bible Verses about Anger

While reviewing these Bible verses about anger, we are reminded of how God wants us to exhibit self-control and not let anger interfere with our life as a Christian. Most of us get angry from time to time no matter how hard we try to maintain an inner calm. It happens. But how do we … Continue reading “Bible Verses about Anger”

Famous Bible Verses

We all have our favorite bible quotes, but some are so popular that they are recognized as famous Bible verses and have been quoted billions of times through sermons, publications, and Christian conversations. Since there are so many famous Bible passages to choose from, we have selected 20 of those that carry the most meaning … Continue reading “Famous Bible Verses”

Bible Verses about Hell

When we examine the Bible verses about hell within the Scriptures, it is difficult to deny its reality for those who willfully reject the salvation that is found in Christ. It is Jesus himself who often warned people about the torments there and stressed its finality. Though heaven is a wonderful place of God’s blessing, … Continue reading “Bible Verses about Hell”

Bible Verses for Strength

Whenever you feel like you don’t have the strength to endure or carry on, or if you’re uncertain if you can complete the tasks God has placed before you, you can find Bible verses for strength that will assure you that God is there to provide you with the strength you need. If you’re looking … Continue reading “Bible Verses for Strength”