Better clean living

by Antonio ()

Home safety daughters relationship with Christ people instead of streets association and honesty from my mother adusive sexual demon that has gone all out to make me gay and poor and alone and not aroused just bring my mother threw and myself away from mental srass and traps zan delivery from crack any wrong doing to landlord and tenants and clean living appliances arrangement blessings over my vouchers too sweat alienated drug addict friends out of my life and her delivery from addiction financial blessings a inheritance from to my children children and there safe of a covernet threw Jesus blood never to be part takers of Lucifer plan to brun in hell and modern transportation.My child mother sexual sickness to sleep with every kind folk in town and thinking because I’m God fearing I’m suppose to be lost about my further and happiness friend James Salins child hood pains forgiveness from any carver city friend about whatever I’m am truly blessed for your help and my father in heaven who is well pleased in me his son and prayers for the Christian community always and teco worker ambulance worker all hospital workers and doctors and all the people’s involved in my health and helping threw life local city leaders and government leaders and world peace thanks and bill gates to change his ways about abbiction of alcohol I believe in my soul of energy I shall overcome please pray for me and other to be apart of people to reach salvation over all trails and tribulations amen A.King๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™

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